Product Review: Honeywell Noodles

Product Review: Honeywell Noodles

Honeywell has just launched a new pack for it’s range of noodles​ and I have gotten my hands on it. The new pack comes in a white pack with a twinge off egg yoke color. I like the new pack because every time I see it, noodles and boiled egg comes to mind. It weighs 70 grams and has a retail price of N30. Availability is not nationwide as I had to visit mall thrice before I could finally lay my hands on it.

The noodles still maintains the chicken flavor which I really like. While cooking,the chicken flavor permeated the whole kitchen whetting my appetite and preparing me for what was to come. I also like the style in with which the spices are packaged, the chilli and the spices are mixed in one sachet and I like that.

On the other hand, omo the noodles small ohh, I had to eat 5 packs to really enjoy the noodles. Not good at all. But I feel it will be a great hit with families with growing kids as two packets should be enough for a child per meal. Whilst I enjoyed the noodles, spices et al, I found it a tad salty. I will also implore the brand to work on nationwide availability of the product.

In all I find the new Honeywell Noodles pack Satisfactory.

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