Brand Review: Couture de Lingerie

Brand Review: Couture de Lingerie

Couture de lingerie is a fashion brand that specializes in making handmade and ready to wear Kimonos, Beach wears, Swimsuits, Bikinis, Night robes which can also be used for bridal showers, Ankara bikinis Ladies’ PJs etc.

Prices start from N5,000 for two-piece outfits, Kimonos and robes start from N5,000, three-piece outfits start from N10,000 while swimsuit begins from N4,000. The brands prides itself on the designs, sewing and production of it’s range of outfits. The brand has really nice designs that are unique. I also like the Ankara outfits.

Regardless of the location, the brand delivers nationwide. However it is important to note that the brand has to ensure that customers are not disappointed by changing circumstances, and as such need to fine-tune the process of procurement and other logistics.

Overall, I am impressed with the creativity and originality of the brand. I find it Satisfactory and recommend it to you all.

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