Six Fashion Accessory Every Guy Must Have

Six Fashion Accessory Every Guy Must Have

Being fashionable doesn’t mean having a ton of clothes, outfits and accessories; you can have a dozens of clothes yet you lack the requisite knowledge in matching them and ensuring you look good. To be regarded as fashionable, you have to possess the right accessories and outfits and also learn how to wear them. As men the options open to you are quite limited, however the contents of man’s wardrobe are what separates the boys from men. Picking out the items for your wardrobe can be a herculean task, however I have a list of accessories you have to own to be regarded as fashionable and gentlemanly.

1. Belt: As a guy, it is safe to assume that you will wear trousers regularly except if you are an ancient Roman or Greek, hence it is important you own a good set of leather belts, preferably in tow colors; black and brown. One important fashion rule is to ensure that your belt color and shoe color match. You can never go wrong with a good set of leather belts.




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2. Leather Shoes: It is often said that your shoes are the first thing people notice about you when they meet you. As a man, owning a pair of leather shoes can’t be overemphasized. Get leather shoes in two colors: black and brown to ensure you have shoes to match a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe. Leather shoes are gentlemanly and will have you looking responsible, fashionable and attractive.


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3. Wallet: You have wooed her over the past months, done your best to convince her that she means the world to you and should you a chance to own her heart. She finally agrees to a date where you hope to impress her and sweep her off her feet. After meal which she enjoyed and during which you dazzled her with your brilliance and wits, it times to pay; you reach into your pocket and bring out rumpled notes to give the waiter. With that action, there is a high chance that you have ruined the whole momentum you have built. As a gentleman, you have to own a wallet, as much as it is a fashionable accessory, it is also a mobile vault where important items can be kept. Get yourself a wallet today and don’t embarrass yourself.



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4. Shades: It has being scientifically proven that men look and become 60% cooler when they wear shades. Think not? Remember D’Banj, without the shades, he looks like a regular guy, however when the shades come on, he becomes the Koko Master. In addition to the cool look, shades protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Get shades that fit your face and head size, else the wrong shades will have you looking like Mr. Potato Head.

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5. Wristwatches: It is an unspoken rule in the gentleman’s code that a gentleman’s wrist must not be bare, he has to wear an accessory on his wrist. The safest and fashionable item to wear is a wristwatch. Wearing a wristwatch gives off a vibe of responsibility and gentle-manliness. Invest in a good wristwatch today.

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6. Cologne: In addition to looking good, smelling good is also paramount. It is a fact that ladies are drawn to men who smell nice. Pick manly cologne that suits your style. However wearing cologne doesn’t mean you should bathe in it, apply a dash of cologne and you are good to go.


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