Brand Review: ManiGraphix

Brand Review: ManiGraphix

Mani Graphix is the one stop place to get creative and unique digital designs. In addition, Mani Graphix also deals with brand identity and logos, branding, printing,flyers and billboard designs. He is based in Lagos, however distance is not a problem when it comes to reaching out to satisfy his ever expanding clientele.

I admire his creative process and meticulousness in making unique designs that strike at the heart of his clients and those who see his works. With him, less is more and this translates to exclusivity. He also has an amiable personality which means his customer service delivery is top notch.

He is also not prone to the flaws of many a graphic designer who don’t allow the client to explain in detail what he wants and assumes he knows what the client wants.

However it’s is imperative that the brand keeps in touch with the latest developments and innovation in the world of digital designs.

In all I find the brand Satisfactory and recommend to anyone who requires digital branding services.

Check him out on Instagram @ManiGraphix

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