Service Review: Go Pit Search Engine

Service Review: Go Pit Search Engine


Following the invention of search engines in 1993, search engines have come a long way since that time. In today’s world, the importance of search engines cant be overemphasized; search engines have become the one stop place to get information on a wide range of subjects. Keywords, display ads, search engine result page are among the new terms brought about by search engines. Some countries have tapped into the importance of search engines and how they affect the lives of their citizens, as such  these nations have created search engines for their country, these include Yandex for Russia and Badiu for China.

Today I will be reviewing GoPit, a search engine that is created for Africa alone. GoPit is the brain child of Go Pit Inc, a US based company that has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Go Pits boasts of more search categories than traditional search engines. The web version was launched in 2015 while the mobile version was launched in 2016.

As a strong believer in the African continent and the potential it holds, I am elated at the mission statement and goal of Go Pit. A search engine that is totally devoted to African interests and content is something that gladdens my heart.

A visit to the homepage shows the Go Pit logo, the field where search terms can be entered and the Go icon. In the top right corner, there is an avatar where one can register and log in to Go Pit. In the left hand corner, there is an icon that takes one Filters and Tools where you have  the Settings, Interact and Site Menu areas.

Once you input the search term in the field, it takes an average of three seconds for the results to show. The field also shows suggestions for search terms. Results are categorized into Web, Images, Videos, News, Documents, Local, Social and Travel. On the right hand side of the search engine result page are display ads.

One feature I like about Go Pit is the Advanced Search option it has. Clicking on the icon on the top left corner of the homepage takes to the Advanced Search tab. Here you have the option to search keywords, search for phrase, search only in domain, exclude the word and exclude the domain.

On the other hand, one major issue I have with Go Pit is the domain name. It reads which means that it is domiciled in South Africa. I find this totally unacceptable for a search engine that claims to be for Africa. Having a South Africa domiciled domain  name gives an impression of bias towards South African inspired content, websites and businesses.

Another issue I have is the User Interface: I don’t feel it is topnotch enough for a search engine. It looks quite elementary and unbecoming of a search engine. The icons don’t look professional enough and are not engaging.

I also find it disheartening that for a search engine dedicated to Africa, there is absolutely no hint of African prints, designs or art on the homepage.

In all, regardless of the issues I mentioned and raised, I find Go Pit Satisfactory.










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