Product Review: Virony Sanitary Pad

Product Review: Virony Sanitary Pad

So over the weekend, I got engaged with a female friend of mine who was on her period and she praised Virony Sanitary pad. Following our conversation, I decided to carry out a survey to ascertain the effectiveness of Virony Sanitary pad. Phew, it was not easy though, I had to listen to my respondents describe the different types of flows they have. Please don’t frown, I am a guy and menstruation scares me.

Back to the product, it contains 30 pieces: 18 pads to be used during the day, 7 at night and 5 panty liners. I held the product and tinkered with it for a while. I like the packaging, it’s so unique and efficient. I also like the mentol scent that Virony has.

One thing that all my respondents agreed upon was that Virony doesn’t cause rashes. Infact a couple of my respondents admitted to having sensitive skins and Virony is arguably the best pad they have ever used as they had no rashes afterwards​.

Virony also trumps other brands as it is affordable in relation to the quantity offered in the pack. It costs between N800 to N1,000 depending on the location. It is cost effective for families with more female kids and even students.

I will urge the brand to increase her social media awareness and branding on social media platforms.

In all, based on what I have seen and my respondents, Virony Sanitary pad is an Excellent product and I recommend it to anyone who is stuck over what sanitary pad to use or switch over to.

Drop your comments below if you have used Virony Sanitary pad and let’s hear what you think about the brand.

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