7 Gift Items every lady expects from her man

7 Gift Items every lady expects from her man

Every lady is special and wants to be treated as such by her man. One of the main ways a man can prove to his lady that she is truly special to him is by understanding her love language. For ladies whose love language is gifting, finding the appropriate gift that sends the right message and shows how much a man cares can be tricky, however with the list, you can have a sense of what you can get for your lady to prove how much you care.


  1. A Set of Skin Care Products

It goes without saying that every woman wants to look good at all times. You can key into this and get her a set of skin care products that will enhance how good she looks. It is important though to understand her skin type and which product will work well for her.




2. Shoes

Shoes are very important to ladies, while the level to which ladies love shoes differ, it is known that ladies don’t joke with shoes. Do your research well and know what type of shoes she likes. You can almost never go wrong with shoes as she will find them useful and cherish them as gift items. Don’t forget to remember her shoe size.






  1. Dinner Dates

Women are affectionate and emotional beings, who value loving gestures and actions. Dinner dates are a good way to show your lady she means the world to you. The beauty of dinner dates is the variety to it that leave lady smiling and in tears. You can have a date at home of homemade meal that you prepared for her, you can also take her out on a fancy candle light dinner, or just take her to that restaurant she likes a lot and has being going on and on about.







  1. Beauty Products

Take a good look at her make up kit and notice that item she cherishes and doesn’t joke with, and you can get it for her. You can also get her that new lipstick by MAC or the powder from Iman that she craves. Getting her a gift of her favorite beauty products goes a long way in showing that you pay attention to issues that concern her and you care about seemingly trivial needs.





  1. Books

Is your lady a book worm and loves reading? You can score points with getting her books from her favorite authors. You can also get her latest books from her favorite authors. That will send the right message that you care about her enough to do your research about what she likes. Take a walk to the book shop and find books in areas that she is fascinated about and get them for her.


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  1. Perfumes and Body Oils

In addition to looking good, ladies love to smell good as it makes them feel good about themselves. Get her a bottle of her favorite perfume or a bottle of that perfume she wants to get.  You can even get her a whole kit of perfumes, body oils and body sprays. Every time she uses them, she remembers your loving gesture.


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  1. Jewelry

From the beginning of time, ladies and jewelry have being known as inseparable, whilst some ladies prefer fancy and shiny jewelry, other prefer subtle and less shiny items. You can get your lady a piece of that she will adore. It can be a ring, a necklace, bracelet, anklet, waist chain or custom made tiara. Jewelry is known to make women feel special and unique, you can’t go wrong if you get her a piece of jewelry she fancies.

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The list goes on and on, however it is important that you get a gift for your lady that corresponds with what she likes and cares about.

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