Brand Review: Truly Lovely Cakes

Brand Review: Truly Lovely Cakes

Located in Sacramento Estate off Marian Road in Calabar, Truly Lovely Cakes is a cafe that’s surrounded with beautiful colonial styled buildings.

The ambiance is alluring, stepping into the cafe, you are transported to a different world. You can also hold meetings at the cafe. For those who have seen the series Friends, this place reminds me of Central Perk.

I didn’t like the meat pie so much, I found the crust too hard, meanwhile I found the cakes awesome, they are so fluffy. I had the banana cake and I loved it. The Red Velvet Cake is also nice. They also make sandwiches, salad, smoothies,milkshakes, pizza, coffee and tea.

Customer service is commendable. I also respect the attentiveness of the manager. Personally I am a big fan of meat pies, hence I implore the management to work on the quality of their meat pie to make it taste better.

In all Truly Lovely Cakes is a great place and I find it Satisfactory.

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