Brand Review: Grand Soles

Brand Review: Grand Soles

Grand Soles is a fashion outfit that specializes in making hand made men shoes. It’s located in Ibadan. They have a wide range of products made with different materials, designs and sizes. Prices start from N15,000 depending on the material and design of the shoe selected.

As a brand, Grand Soles has a reputation for impeccable customer service and optimal delivery. Regardless of the location, Grand Soles delivers nationwide.

However it is pertinent that Grand Soles works on ensuring that customers’ orders are not affected by changing circumstances. Hence Grand Soles needs to improve on logistics and procurement in order to ensure that customers are not disappointed.

As a whole, I find Grand Soles Satisfactory and I recommend them to any one who wants to get great shoes.


Check out the brand on Instagram @grandsoles

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