Service Review: Sterling Bank Mobile App

Service Review: Sterling Bank Mobile App

I was introduced to Sterling Bank as a corp member and I used it throughout my Service year. After service I decided to continue running the account basically because the banking hall of their branches were less rowdy than other Banks. It eventually became my slush fund account where I stashed​ money for emergencies.

After so much wahala, I decided to get an ATM card and the mobile banking app three weeks ago. I am not impressed at all. It has been one issue after the other.

First I had to use my ATM card on another machine the second time in a month and I was debited. I was shocked, I let it slide. Second, I tried recharging via my mobile app, I was debited and I didn’t receive value, I had to try again before I received value. The earlier transaction was not reversed till date. I also let it slide, after all it was just N100.

Last but truly not the least, I tried to transfer airtime to another number, I was debited thrice and the recipient didn’t receive value. It was annoying. I had to call the recipient to apologize for the failure to receive value.

I rate Sterling Mobile Banking app as Awful. The brand really needs to work on providing  a highly functional app to ease banking stress of their customers. As  for me, once I resolve this issue, no more mobile banking. I no dey do again!!

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