Product Review: 35cl PET Coke Bottle

Product Review: 35cl PET Coke Bottle

The 35cl PET Coke bottle is the latest product from beverages giant Coca- Cola.
Its retail price is N100. A pack of 12 bottles costs between N900 – N1,000.
Nicknamed Solo, It is portable, chic and sits comfortably in the hand. Regardless of the size, it has the same distinct taste and quality.

The new bottle is advantageous to all and sundry. Those who seek to organize parties and events will find it less stressful as regards logistics. It also removes the stress of dealing with missing bottles after the party.
It can be found in shops and stalls nationwide.
An issue with this product is that in comparison with the regular 35cl bottle, it is a bit expensive when considering a large scale event. The cost of 12 in a pack is equivalent to that of 24 in one crate.

In all, it’s an innovative product which shows that Coca-Cola is aware of the current economic situation and its effect on consumer spending.

The product is Excellent.

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