Brand Review: The Skin Plug

Brand Review: The Skin Plug

The Skin Plug is a beauty  and cosmetic brand that provides organic skin care products to suit the needs of those who seek to beautify themselves. Located in Lagos, the brand produces skin care soaps that are made from purely organic products which brighten the skin and have you looking fresher with a clearer skin tone.

I engaged the brain behind the brand in an extensive chat and I also confirmed that the products used in the production of the soap are purely organic,  no chemicals at all. Prices of the soap start from N2,000 and can be delivered nationwide.

The brand also sells Arabian perfumes that have guys feeling and smelling like Alaadin and ladies like Jazmine. Prices begin from N10,000.

I believe the brand has to work on delivery effective customer service and increase the range of products offered.
If you run into me in a few months time and you notice I look fresher, I didn’t bleach ohh. It’s the Skin Plug’s handiwork.

I rate the brand as Satisfactory.

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