Brand Review: Rubens Cake

Brand Review: Rubens Cake

Ruben’s Cake is located in the Ancient city of Ibadan. Ruben Cakes makes really awesome cakes. I have lost count of the number of times I have visited him just to eat his cakes.

He has lots of options and designs for customers to pick from. From cup cakes, to sponge cakes, specially designed cakes for occasions and even snacks.

His prices begin from N3,000 for cup cakesĀ for a box of six and N7,000 for regular cakes. He also makes delivery to customers.
He is also a very sanguine and lovable person with a can do attitude, hence customer service delivery is admirable.

Regardless of all these, I feel he needs to work on getting more unique designs to satisfy his ever growing customer base.
A glance through his page will show lots of satisfied customers.

I find his services Satisfactory and I recommend it to you all.




Check out the brand on InstagramĀ @rubenscake

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